• TURF this weekend!

    It's finally here. TURF is premiering this weekend at the Center for Performance Research, and we could not be more excited. After months and months of hard work, development, and research we have put together a gigantic immersive piece that has challenged our perceptions, viewpoints, and physicality. Inspired by our everyday landscapes and the effort of change, TURF explores our ever changing terrain, neighborhoods, and relationships and our ability to cope with alterations of our comfort zones.

    All these weeks of work culminate in just 2 performances, so you do not want to miss this. Seating is also VERY limited, so book your tickets ahead of time (and save some $!) to reserve your spot.

    We hope you will come and explore our turf. 


  • Fall Season Updates!

    Where did October go?

    Join us next month for an awesome array of performances and classes! We are starting out at Triskelion Arts for Collabfest on November 4th where we will be showing exceprts from 2015's Somnipath. After that our monthly workshop is back on November 12th, and then our huge 2016 project debuts at the Center for Performance Research on November 18th & 19th.

    We are so excited to be premiering our second evening length work Turf later in November. Exploring the nature of territory, perception, and our comfort within our environment, Turf brings the audience into our landscape with an immersive seating plan and 360 degrees of performance space. No front. No stage. Just dance from all angles. We hope you will become a part of our landscape and join us on the 18th & 19th! Tickets now on sale!

  • Fall Season Prep

    We've had an absolutely incredible summer, from the second annual inQUAD to our Boston travels, but now its time for all of our fall happenings!

    We kicked off our Fall season last weekend with our Annual Benefit Gala Party at the beautiful Body Evolutions Studios. We had a blast celebrating with our friends, family, and audience members. Thank you to everyone who came out to support us and help us fund our upcoming season!

    Our Independent Season is taking place November 18th & 19th at the Center for Performance Research in Brooklyn, NY where we will be premiering our second evening length work Turf. Before that we will also be revisiting Somnipath for Triskelion Art's Collabfest on November 4th. AND monthly class is returning on Saturday November 12th at our new location at CPR. 

    We hope you will come check out all of our awesome Fall happenings for 2016! 

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Kristen Klein
Artistic Director/Choreographer

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